New Oregon Uniforms

Oregon Football has released their new set of uniforms with the Oregon Football 2.0. Oregon and Nike have brought back the fan favorite winged helmets in four colors Green, Yellow, Chrome, and Black. Nike looked to amplify the speed and explosiveness with punishing, physical play philosophy with these uniforms that show strength and dominance through clean, bold reliance on solid colors. We see a much larger number font on the uniforms called "Mighty Oregon" font with a reflective style stripe down the middle. The wings have been removed from the shoulders and the names on the backs are on different color plates.  Keep an eye out for Oregon to mix and match these color schemes and throw in some more flare throughout the season.

"These designs are a representation of Coach Cristobal's direction for the football program: no-nonsense, discipline, strength and speed," said Todd Van Horne, Nike's creative director for football. "This uniform reflects those values."


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