New York Jets New Uniforms

The New York Jets have officially revealed the teams new look that included new logo and uniform. The team worked with Nike and the NFL to identify the new look and feel for the “New Era” of the New York Jets. During the creative process the Jets identified three colors that would be their staple within the new uniform; Gotham Green, Spotlight White and Stealth Black. On the front of the jerseys we see New York stitched across the chest to signify the team’s devolution to the city that inspired the new look. The team’s new helmet will feature a dynamic shell shine and the updated secondary logo on each side.

“It was time for a new uniform. It was time for a new Jets,” said CEO Christopher Johnson, months before the Jets’ new look was unveiled at Gotham Hall Thursday night in Manhattan. “And I think it’s extraordinary that given all this time it’s taken to get to this point, we are now as a team on the cusp of what I think is a new era. And it’s most appropriate that we’re going to start that era with a new uniform, a new look. I’m really excited about it.”


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