Notre Dame College Football Playoff UA's ArmourGrid Uniform

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are set to take the field at the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas. This will be the first time a non Nike affiliated school has reached the College Football Playoffs. The appearance also marks the debut of their latest uniform design construction, the ArmourGrid uniform.

The ArmourGrid material forms the core of the jersey. Drawing inspiration from the military-grade parachute construction that needs to be both lightweight and strong. The ArmourGrid is comprised of a matrix formed from high tensile-strength threads encapsulating lightweight material. The result is a slim silhouette that wraps the front panel, back panel and sleeves, areas where stretch is not needed. The new material helps each player remain elusive, whether they are in the trenches with the linemen or skill players evading tacklers. We will see multiple other Under Armour schools wearing the ArmourGrid technology this bowl season.

"Players have told us that with ArmourGrid, hands just slide off the shoulders, back and waist like they've never experienced before. The material leaves defenders grasping at air, where otherwise they'd get a fistful of jersey." - Kyle Blakely, VP Materials Innovation


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