Vanderbilt "Battle Ready" Uniform

Vanderbilt football revealed their latest alternate uniform that has been dubbed the “Battle Ready” uni. The uniforms comes in with a gray jersey and pants colorway that is highlighted with black numbers. We see "Anchor Down" running down the sides of the pants, while Commodores is spelled out across the chest. The crown jewel of the uniform sits atop with the special steel gray “Battle Ready” helmet. The helmet’s steel gray coloring is meant to resemble that of a battleship with rivets and panels. There are 82 rivets painted on the helmet, paying respect to No. 82 Turner Cockrell, a Vanderbilt player who passed away due to cancer last November.

"In order to realize the worth of the anchor, we need to feel the stress of the storm. Rivets are the strength of the ship — 82 rivets for our strength and our rock Turner Cockrell, who was always battle ready." - Derek Mason

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