Washington Nationals Expos Throwback Uniform

The Washington Nationals paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Montreal Expos when they played the Kansas City Royals. The team decided to go with the 1969 powder blue uniform with the tri-colored cap, that featured the Montreal Expos logo front and center on both the jerseys and the caps. The team went all for the day including graphics around Nationals Park donned the famous Expos logo, “O Canada” was sung before the Star-Spangled Banner and National Baseball Hall of Fame member Vladimir Guerrero was in attendance to throw out the first pitch.

“They are so sick. I love that they went all the way back to 1969. They had some great uniforms over the years, but the older the better I think. I love the baby blues. The Expos’ logo is one of the more iconic logos in baseball history, so the fact that it is front and center on the uniform is really cool.” -Nationals closer Sean Doolittle


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