Boston Celtics Auerbach Center

The Celtics have just become the "leader in the NBA’s arms race for practice facility supremacy" with the opening of their new facility coined the, Red Auerbach Center at New Balance World Headquarters. The name pays tribute to the "patriarch of the organization who led the Celtics to their first 16 world championships"

The 70-000 square foot facility has everything the team, coaching staff and front office staff could ever need without having to step foot outside of the building. Two Parquet basketball courts stand as the center point of the building. The building is also equipped with an expansive training room accessible right off the court, state of the art pool room; inclusive of cold tub, hot tub and multi-level pool, massage room, and nap room for recovery. 

When it's go time, players get ready in their brand new locker room, where their fully equipped lockers form a circle around the Celtics iconic Green Shamrock. Once they exit the locker room, players can head to the designated theatre style film room. On the opposite side, players will find their weight room and training facility. One level up, overlooking the court "is the cardio space, which features multiple stationary bikes, treadmills and other cardio equipment. Behind the cardio equipment – and overlooking both the courts and Interstate 90 – are Boston’s 17 championship banners, as well as one more empty banner that hangs as a motivating factor"

When it's time to unwind, players can head upstairs to the billiards room to play a game of pool on their customized Celtics logo table, watch TV or enjoy a bite to eat in their own restaurant that is full equipped to handle made to order meals. 

The rest of the building is considered "mixed-use space for press conferences or events, a broadcast studio, a sizable media room, expanded offices and open office space for staff, and multiple auxiliary locker rooms."

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