Throwback Unis for Colgate

Colgate is honoring their 1932 team with special throwback jerseys for their homecoming game this year. The inspiration was drawn from Colgate's famous 1932 "Undefeated, Untied, Unscored Upon … and Uninvited" team’s uniforms. The uniforms will be based white with the same design on the front of the jersey as the 1932 uniforms but with a small of twist of numbers being added on. The back numbers are laid over a burlap material like they were in the 1930s. The helmets are hydro-dipped to give them a leathery look with decals to make the helmet’s ear-holes look circular and white facemask to finish off the look. The back bumper of the helmet reads "13 Founders with 13 Dollars & 13 Prayers & 13 Articles." in a stitched like font.

"It's not 200 years of Colgate Football, but what we wanted to do was use the throwback theme to honor the team that defines Colgate Football. When you talk about Colgate Football, it's the 1932 team. So what better uniform to throw back to and to tie into." - Coach Hunt 


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