2019 MLB Little League Classic Uniforms

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs will face off in the 2019 Little League Classic. Both teams will wear pullover jerseys that feature a thick horizontal stripe across the front, a design reminiscent of the Chicago White Sox jerseys from the early 1980s. Each team will go team nicknames across the front, “Cubbies” or “The Burgh”. The caps for Each team will match the jerseys colors as the Pirates will wear a simplified version of their pirate logo on the cap, while the Cubs’ cap features their secondary logo. Each jersey will feature the “Thank You” patch we’ve seen on past Little League Classic jerseys along with player’s nicknames on the back in place of their names.

The 2019 Little League Classic will be played in Williamsport on Sunday, August 18th at 7 p.m.

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