2019 Nike & Jordan Brand Basketball Federation Uniforms

Nike has revealed the designs for their teams playing in the 2019 Basketball Federation tournament. Each uniform is a representation of the country with a combination of the countries colors along with the flag on the inside neck line. With China being the host country Nike paid special attention to their uniform design. The Nike team drew inspiration from a lesson from the Pareto Principle, that states that 80 percent of an effect can be traced to 20 percent of the causes. The team used that to design the uniforms with a bold 80-20 split with the jersey’s colors. The United State uniforms will feature the same design.

“With the proportion of white on the home kits, we began to see these Chinese players as pioneers writing on a wide-open canvas. They’re driving the future of basketball forward. We wanted the color balance to speak to that pioneering spirit.” -Josh Iverson, Senior Graphic Designer for Nike Basketball


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