Paul George's PG 3 x NASA Shoes

Paul George has released his newest shoe the PG 3. To introduce the new shoe Nike collaborated with NASA to create the PG3 x NASA kicks. For the new silhouette George asked Nike Basketball Footwear Designer Tony Hardman to keep three things in mind when creating the new shoe; Shed What Is Unnecessary, Make Every Step Matter, and Remember Where You Came From. The PG3 is nearly an ounce lighter than the PG 2.5, and is a hybrid of the PG1 and PG2 that George played in this season. Hardman said they were able to reduce the shoe's weight by removing excess materials, utilizing a softer foam in the midsole and incorporating mesh on the shoe's upper.

Some details on the shoes include George’s hometown zip code, 93552, on the midsole. On the shoe's heel we see one of his favorite quotes, '“Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

"I thought we killed it," George said. "These 3s are up there as one of my favorites. I don't think we went away from a basketball shoe too much, but I do think we highlighted a bunch of areas where you can say that's a sneaker and not a basketball shoe."


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