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2019 NFL Draft Hats

The NFL Draft is right around the corner and we will see the new wave of players drafted to their new teams. As they cross the stage dressed to impress the players will be given this year’s Draft Hat before they reach Roger Goodell to pose for some photos. As this season marks the 100th season of the NFL the theme that was created for the hats is centered around each team’s local flag. On the backs of each hat we will see the NFL 100 logo as well as the flag that inspired the design of each hat will be found on the inside.

“This idea as we go through to celebrate the past of the NFL and innovation of where it’s moving, we really wanted to start with where the game began within each local community. It’s a unique way to say this is where we started, this is who we are, this is what we’re about, this is the community we represent. At the same time it tells a separate story of welcoming a new member into that community. Really trying to tell this message of this is where we’re going, this is who we represent and welcome into the community.” - Ryan DiNunzio, New Era’s director of football

So far all teams have released their hat except for the New York Jets who are about to unveil their new logo and uniform this week.


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Game of Thrones Soccer Jerseys

As today marks the beginning of the final season of Game of Thrones designer Josh Guereque designed a jersey for what each of the different houses within the world of Westeros would look like. Check out each of the looks below along with the inspirations behind each design.

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Team Stark

The gray tone for the jersey represents the grey tone of the dire wolves coloring. We see the top portion of the jersey covered in the texture of snowflakes reflecting on the family saying of “Winter is Coming”. The same phrase is placed on the back of the jersey near the neckline. Located on the bottom of the jersey is a faded forest texture that draws inspiration from Winterfell and the guardians of the north. The Stark crest is found on the chest of the jersey with a red outline to bring attention to the Weirwood tree.


Team Lannister

The Lannister family is well represented with the red tones found throughout the jersey. A rock texture has been added to tie in the home of the Lannister‘s at Casterly Rock. Around the collar are crowns that are inspired by the Lannister’s pursuit for power. The two giant golden loops found on both sides of the jerseys symbolize the royalty of the Lannister family but also bring a more important detail of their history to light. If you look directly above the shoulders of the jersey the loops create a zero which represents their famous slogan “A Lannister always pays his debts”.


Team Targaryen

The black Targaryen jersey is highlighted with fiery tones and Dragon textures. The jersey is covered in fiery volcanic cracks to represent the fire and blood of the Targaryen family. On the sleeves and collar of the jersey, there is a texture of dragon scales representing the mother of dragons. Located on the back of the collar there is a crown for the long reign of the Targaryen family throughout Westeros’ history.


Team White Walkers

The icy cold and blue tones of the White Walkers was a major inspiration for this jersey. The spiral design seen on the front is meant to represent the symbols left after the white walkers take over an area. The cold and empty souls of the white walker is signified through the light blue coloring found within the design. On the back of the jersey there are light blue veins inspired from the cold blood and heart that runs through the white walkers and their army of the dead.


Team Night’s Watch

The Nights Watch prides themselves on being the protectors of the wall and that is represented in the ice stripe on the top of the jersey. The crow is a big part of the Nights Watch identity and that is shown by the crow feather texture on the back of the midnight black jersey. 

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Baylor Athletics New Uniforms

Baylor has introduced a new look for their teams including new uniforms for each. The tag line leading up to the release of the new looks has been “One Brand. One Baylor.” with #BaylorUnited. The new look comes with a new bear head logo for each team to wear on their uniforms along with a more traditional colorway that Baylor fans will be happy to see return to the athletic teams. We see some teams introducing alternate looks and will keep an eye out for any new looks Baylor may introduce as the season progress.


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Baseball & Softball



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Clemson's National Championship Rings

The Clemson Tigers received their ACC Championship, College Football Playoff and National Championship rings. The National Championship ring is the crown jewel out of the three rings each player and coach received and features the most intricate design. The National Championship ring features "Eye of the Tiger" "Heart of a Champion" "Best Ever 15-0" and the final score of the game 44-16 engraved on it. The face of the ring shows off a diamond encrusted Clemson Paw with the two National Championship trophies behind it along with diamonds lining the sides.


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Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 OBJ

OBJ has introduced the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 OBJ cleats. The special cleats allow players to customize the style and color to match their swag and team. The cleats feature an Egyptian-inspired design picked out by OBJ. The Egyptian design features “Royalty” spelled out in the OBJ hieroglyphic language. Each pair can be customized with different colors and finishes such as chrome or matte. Check out some of the pairs below.

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Texas Longhorns Pro Day Swag
Utah Utes Pro Day Gear

The Utah Utes Football team is preparing to host their annual Pro Day for players to show off their talents in front of NFL Scouts. Each player will receive special gear for their Pro Day that includes the Utah Pro Day logo on the chest of a shortsleeved hoodie, shorts, compression gear and shoes.

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Florida Gators Pro Day Gear

Florida is getting set to host their annual Pro Day for their football players preparing to enter the 2019 NFL Draft. The players will be decked out in Jordan gear, as Florida is one of only a few College Football programs sponsored by the Jumpman logo. The players will each receive an orange compression top with the Florida 2019 Pro Day logo on the chest. The issued blue shorts will feature the same Pro Day logo on the left side and a blue hoodie to complete the outfit. Jumpman accessories and cleats will finish off the Gators Pro Day look.


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Ohio State Basketball Post-Season AF1s

Ohio State is heading into March Madness in style as the team has received custom Air Force 1 that come equipped with Ohio State-themed velcro patches. The patches range from the Ohio State logos to extra Nike swooshes and even some Buckeyes. We will be on the look out as other Nike school such as Duke, Villanova, Kentucky, Oregon, and UCONN are set to receive pairs as well.


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MiLB's Copa de la Diversion Hats

The MiLB has revealed their Copa club identities for all 72 teams. The "Copa de la Diversión," translated to "Fun Cup," is a season-long event series specifically designed to embrace the culture and values that resonate most with participating teams' local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities. For the special event each team will create culturally-relevant on-field personas that honor the local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities. With each new logo and name comes special uniforms and hats to match.

"Minor League Baseball is built on the fun, memory-making experiences created by our teams each and every day. When we introduced 'It's Fun to Be a Fan' and 'Es Divertido Ser Un Fan' last season, the overwhelmingly positive response led us to create this season-long event series, further showcasing our teams' commitment to their communities and MiLB's unique brand of fun." - Kurt Hunzeker, Minor League Baseball's Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Research

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