New Brand for Georgia Tech Athletics

Georgia Tech is writing the next chapter in their university's history with a rebrand of their athletic marks. The newly inked deal with adidas has allowed Georgia Tech to look at their athletic brand and make some upgrades while keeping true to their historic tradition.


"The iconic Tech Tower letters, the tradition of Georgia Tech and the innovation of our institute inspired a sharp, bold mark that both celebrates our history and points us to the future. Whether you are a recruit, an alum, a fan or a student, this is the mark that defines Georgia Tech Athletics and who we are - adorned on our fields, our courts and our uniforms." - Georgia Tech


The official Georgia Tech Athletics logo will remain the interlocked GT. The logo display has been cut down from 40 variations to only 8 now under the new brand. With this new brand in mind fans will start to see the look across apparel, courts, fields, buildings, and uniforms.

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Strikeout Ovarian Cancer Helmets for LSU Softball

LSU Softball will wear special helmets for thier Strikeout Ovarian Cancer game. The special white base helmet features teal accents with LSU on the front in teal and purple. The bill of the helmet has a tiger stripe pattern in the same teal, purple and white colors. The really special part of the design is the ribbon on the sides that have the names of women who have courageously battled ovarian cancer.

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STX Rival Helmet

STX has released their new lacrosse helmet named RIVAL. The new helmet is the second generation helmet for the lacrosse company following their first helmet, the STX Stallion.


The new Sure-FitTM air system STX has put in the hlemet features aa built-in pump and release to adjust your helmet's fit on the go.

The helmet has increased the ventilation up to 70% from the pervious model. "The integrated ventilation throughout the shell allows air to flow through the helmet, keeping you cool even when the game gets hot." -STX

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The Jaguars New Uniforms

The Jaguars took the redesign of their uniforms and went with a "Return of Tradition" mindset when creating the new look. The team has done away with the two-tone helmet that was either loved or hated by fans. The new helmet takes it back to the all black high-gloss look we have been use to seeing the Jaguars in.


The uniform may look old school but the technology in the uniform is state of the art. The jersey comes in weighing 20.4oz which makes it one of the lightest jerseys in the league. The material is water repellant as to help the players to stay dry in the muggy and rainy Florida weather.


For the first time in franchise history the Jaguars will have Teal pants to create an all teal uniform. This look will serve as their Color Rush and Alternate uniform and we could see it up to 3 times this season. 

The numbers on the uniforms are no longer layered with multiple colors, instead they are a plain white. The numbers on the backs of the jerseys are actually 2 inches longer then the ones located on the front. 

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Miami Dolphins New Look

The Dolphins have made some upgrades to their uniform for the coming years. First we see that the team has removed the blue from the numbers and stripes throughout the uniform. The orange has been made darker and more vibrant, taking the color back to the original look the team has worn.


"The uniforms are very much a visual representation of the organization – built on a winning tradition in a modern, creative, and aspirational place like Miami. Simplicity and the most vibrant color palette in the NFL – Aqua and Orange." -Miami Dolphins

The team will keep the throwbacks that will still be worn twice in this upcoming season.

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1968 Throwbacks for Athletics vs White Sox

The White Sox and Athletics turned back the clocks for their game with both teams rocking 1968 throwback uniforms. Check out each team's uniform below.

White Sox


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Texas A&M Baseball Sexual Violence Awareness

Texas A&M used their game to raise awareness for sexual violence. The team took the field in teal hats and batting helmets to raise awareness. Fans were also able to join in as they were given teal shirts and bubble machines on your way into Blue Bell Park.

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Honor & Serve Day Uniforms for Illinois Baseball

Illinois Baseball will take the field in a special jersey to for their Honor & Serve Game. The jerseys have a grey camo base throughout it. The special uniforms will benefit the Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County. During the team's game, Saturday the jerseys will be auctioned off during the game. 

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MLB Mother's Day Hats

The MLB Mother's Day hats are out and New Era took a heavy dose of pink for this year's look. Each team's hat will be pink with the bills differentiating with each team's colors. 

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FREAK Ultra Von Miller Edition Cleats

adidas has introduced a special Von Miller Edition of their new FREAK Ultra football cleat. The the six-time NFL Pro Bowler and Super Bowl 50 MVP inspired the design of the cleat with his unique style on and off the field. The cleats base layer is a white Primeknit upper with a silver metallic IRONSKIN.


"That was inspired by the custom silver and diamond encrusted “Money Bag Gang” ring that Von had designed following Super Bowl 50." states adidas.

adidas also worked in inspiration from Miller's sports goggles he wore as a kid. We see special ultraviolet materials in the cleat that change colors once in sunlight, just like his sports goggles did.

The inspiration from Miller's goggles continues throughout the cleat. "The heel pull tabs are created from the same materials as his pro sport goggles and feature with the phrase “JUST LET ME PLAY.” The text was inspired from all the times that Von begged his mother to play football in the fifth grade." adidas.


The design finishes up with the sockliner of the cleats having Von Miller's signature on one side with an outline of his sports goggles on the other.

These cleats will be available to the public on 4/20/18 for $180.


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