Clemson Lacrosse Uniform

Clemson Lacrosse released their new uniforms that they will hit the field in Friday for their top-20 showdown against South Carolina. The orange jerseys will feature the Clemson stripe on either one of the sleeves with Clemson in block letters across the chest. The jersey will be paired with an orange helmet and white shorts to complete the look.

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Chargers' New Primary Powder Blue Jerseys

The Los Angeles Chargers revealed that their iconic powder blue jerseys will serve as their primary home uniform in 2019. To accompany the powder blue look, the Chargers will also wear the gold facemask that we most recently saw them rock with their color rush uniform. The Chargers were actually the first team in NFL history to wear a colored facemask when they first took the field with them on their blue helmet back in 1974.

“The powders are NICE! There’s just something special when you put them on. You get a whole different feeling. A whole different vibe. Seeing that powder blue in the stadium and all your brothers wearing it, it’s a great feeling. Knowing we’re wearing that more is exciting…. Before I even came to the Chargers I knew about the powder blues. When I came out here and got to put it on, it’s an honor. You hear it around the nation – the powder blues are the best in sports. So getting to wear them more, it feels like we get to turn up more.” - All-Pro safety Adrian Phillips

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MLB Jackie Robinson Day Hats

Today we celebrate the great Jackie Robinson. Each MLB team will honor the great Jackie Robinson by wearing these special hats that feature the 42 logo on the sides. As well as the hats each player will wear the number 42 jersey without their names on the backs.

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New Uniforms for Arena Football
Game of Thrones Soccer Jerseys

As today marks the beginning of the final season of Game of Thrones designer Josh Guereque designed a jersey for what each of the different houses within the world of Westeros would look like. Check out each of the looks below along with the inspirations behind each design.

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Team Stark

The gray tone for the jersey represents the grey tone of the dire wolves coloring. We see the top portion of the jersey covered in the texture of snowflakes reflecting on the family saying of “Winter is Coming”. The same phrase is placed on the back of the jersey near the neckline. Located on the bottom of the jersey is a faded forest texture that draws inspiration from Winterfell and the guardians of the north. The Stark crest is found on the chest of the jersey with a red outline to bring attention to the Weirwood tree.


Team Lannister

The Lannister family is well represented with the red tones found throughout the jersey. A rock texture has been added to tie in the home of the Lannister‘s at Casterly Rock. Around the collar are crowns that are inspired by the Lannister’s pursuit for power. The two giant golden loops found on both sides of the jerseys symbolize the royalty of the Lannister family but also bring a more important detail of their history to light. If you look directly above the shoulders of the jersey the loops create a zero which represents their famous slogan “A Lannister always pays his debts”.


Team Targaryen

The black Targaryen jersey is highlighted with fiery tones and Dragon textures. The jersey is covered in fiery volcanic cracks to represent the fire and blood of the Targaryen family. On the sleeves and collar of the jersey, there is a texture of dragon scales representing the mother of dragons. Located on the back of the collar there is a crown for the long reign of the Targaryen family throughout Westeros’ history.


Team White Walkers

The icy cold and blue tones of the White Walkers was a major inspiration for this jersey. The spiral design seen on the front is meant to represent the symbols left after the white walkers take over an area. The cold and empty souls of the white walker is signified through the light blue coloring found within the design. On the back of the jersey there are light blue veins inspired from the cold blood and heart that runs through the white walkers and their army of the dead.


Team Night’s Watch

The Nights Watch prides themselves on being the protectors of the wall and that is represented in the ice stripe on the top of the jersey. The crow is a big part of the Nights Watch identity and that is shown by the crow feather texture on the back of the midnight black jersey. 

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Penn State 'Generations of Greatness' Uniforms

Penn State announced the return of the ‘Generations of Greatness’ special throwback uniforms for their game on 10/5. The special uniforms will feature the numbers on the helmets just as they did in the 1959-61 & 1967-74 era, along with gray facemasks that we saw the Nittany Lions wear from 1970-72. The jerseys will have block numbers the same that donned the Blue & White from the mid-1950s to 1966, as well as the jersey will feature an image of the Lion Shrine on the front collar of the jersey. On the sleeves we see white stripes that have come and gone many times throughout Penn State Football’s history. Down the sides of the pants is a single blue stripe that were worn during 1952-68 era. The look is completed with white cleats and striped socks that pay tribute to the 1970’s era. This look is a great way to pay tribute to the past while giving the Nittany Lions a new uniform combination.

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New West Virginia Football Uniforms

West Virginia Football introduced the next chapter for their football uniforms. The Mountaineers are not straying much from their traditional look with Blue and Gold. The team will don the Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform chassis in 2019. This template gives the Mountaineers an improved fit and functionally, reduced seams and grab points, shaped inseams, seamless fronts and shoulders to help leverage speed, improved moisture absorption and better all-around comfort. West Virginia will return to four color options for their jerseys and pants to choose from for the upcoming season. After spending the past six seasons only using three colors of jerseys and pants the color gray has returned to the lineup with gray jersey and pants combo that last appeared in game action back in 2012. The 2019 version for football will be Nike's Steel Gray colorway and is a tribute to the toughness of the hard-working people in the state of West Virginia and the strength that all Mountaineers possess.

"The opportunity for Nike to work with a tradition-rich program like West Virginia is very exciting," Nike Senior Director, College Sports Marketing, Kit Morris said. "The history and success of the Mountaineers provide much to inspire us as we continue to seek to become better together. There is no finish line."

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Baylor Athletics New Uniforms

Baylor has introduced a new look for their teams including new uniforms for each. The tag line leading up to the release of the new looks has been “One Brand. One Baylor.” with #BaylorUnited. The new look comes with a new bear head logo for each team to wear on their uniforms along with a more traditional colorway that Baylor fans will be happy to see return to the athletic teams. We see some teams introducing alternate looks and will keep an eye out for any new looks Baylor may introduce as the season progress.


Men’s & Women’s Basketball

Baseball & Softball



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Baylor Football New Uniforms

Baylor has introduced a new refreshed look for their football team. The team has drawn inspiration from their past uniform color scheme to create the new look. We see the the gold and green stand out a lot more throughout each new uniform. The helmets feature the standard BU logo lock on each side but look for Baylor to switch it up with the retro bear like they did last season. The team has also introduced a new bear logo that can be seen on the neck line of each jersey.

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Michigan State Alternate Uniform

Michigan State has released an alternate look that the spartans will hit the field in this coming season. The alternate look is highlighted with neon green throughout the design. The Spartans will use their base green helmet for the uni combo and feature neon green Spartan helmet decals on either side of the helmet. Across the chest of the jersey we see in the same neon green the word STATE, while on each shoulder there is the neon green spartan helmet logo. The alternate uniform is completed with neon green pants and neon green gloves and cleats, giving Michigan State different look then we have seen in the past for the Spartans.

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