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NBA Leaked Courts

New courts for the upcoming NBA Season have leaked online. While there’s been no official confirmation from the NBA itself, an image sharing website shows a bunch of new designs for teams hardwood. The designs show off some upcoming City Edition designs as well as throwback looks. Remember none have been confirmed as of yet but they seem to be legit.

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Charlotte Hornets Purple Classic Uniform

The Hornets are bringing back a classic as they have unveiled their new purple ‘Classic Edition’ uniform for the 2019-20 season. Similar to the teal and white versions of the uniform from the past few years, this uni echoes the same design worn by the original Charlotte Hornets. The purple uniforms debuted during the 1994-95 season and the 2019-20 season marks the 25th anniversary for them.

The purple ‘Classic Edition’ jersey will feature the familiar crossover v-neck and multi-colored pinstripes in light blue, green, royal blue and teal. For the shorts we will see the classic Hornets logo on the waist and the same white, purple and teal trim as the originals.

“After having had teal and white Classic Edition uniforms the last two seasons, it is only right that we complete the set with the purple one this year. With this season being the 25th anniversary of the purple uniform’s introduction in 1994, this is the perfect time to bring back a Classic Edition version.” -Hornets President & Vice Chairman Fred Whitfield

Fans will get to see the uniform in action for five home games this season.

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2019 Nike & Jordan Brand Basketball Federation Uniforms

Nike has revealed the designs for their teams playing in the 2019 Basketball Federation tournament. Each uniform is a representation of the country with a combination of the countries colors along with the flag on the inside neck line. With China being the host country Nike paid special attention to their uniform design. The Nike team drew inspiration from a lesson from the Pareto Principle, that states that 80 percent of an effect can be traced to 20 percent of the causes. The team used that to design the uniforms with a bold 80-20 split with the jersey’s colors. The United State uniforms will feature the same design.

“With the proportion of white on the home kits, we began to see these Chinese players as pioneers writing on a wide-open canvas. They’re driving the future of basketball forward. We wanted the color balance to speak to that pioneering spirit.” -Josh Iverson, Senior Graphic Designer for Nike Basketball


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Memphis Grizzlies 'Classic Edition' Uniforms

The Memphis Grizzlies are celebrating their 25th anniversary season and have introduced two classic uniforms the team will wear over the next two seasons. The uniforms will feature the bold logos and designs seen among the NBA teams in the mid-to-late 1990s. During the 2019-20 season the Grizzlies will pay tribute to their time in Vancouver by wearing the turquoise, red, white and gold uniforms.

For the 2020-21 season, the Grizzlies will honor the first era of the Grizzlies in Memphis. The team will wear the all black uniforms, with the red, white and turquoise on the sides with ‘Memphis’ on the chest.

“The opportunity to connect the history of our franchise over two consecutive seasons deserved a special approach. It was an easy decision to bring back the iconic teal uniforms for the upcoming 25th Season of the Franchise and give our fans the classic look from the Vancouver era that they love. Looking ahead to next season, we get to celebrate the 20th Season of the Grizzlies in Memphis with the Memphis Classic uniform, worn when the team first moved to Grind City.” -Jason Wexler, Grizzlies Team President

To go along with the classic uniforms the team will also have a classic edition court that features the same likeness along with the 25th anniversary logos and a border showing the history of the franchise's many iconic looks.

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76ers New 'Classic Edition' Uniform

The 76ers have revealed their new ‘Classic Edition’ uniform that they will rock this upcoming season. The new uniform pay homage to the 76ers’ legacy and the spirit of the city of Philadelphia, known for its ability to reinvent itself. The new ‘Classic Edition’ uniform is a replication of the jerseys that Philadelphia wore for half of the 1970-71 season. The jersey predominantly features a “Seventy Sixers” wordmark design, inspired by the block lettering “PHILA” uniforms.

“We are excited to unveil this season’s Classic Edition uniform, presented by StubHub, which celebrates the city’s rich history and how it has evolved over time. The uniform may have had a short-lived moment in the spotlight, but we consider it a classic that emerged as time passed and is a true vintage treasure to the ‘Seventy Sixers’ brand to be shared with our passionate fans.” -Philadelphia 76ers President Chris Heck

The 76ers will be one of twelve NBA teams to feature a Classic Edition uniform this coming season. The Classic Edition will be one of five uniforms we will see the 76ers wear this season, joining the Icon, Association, City and Statement.

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L.A. Clippers Unveil Plans for New Arena

The L.A. Clippers have unveiled renderings and details for their new basketball arena. The new arena and entertainment center will be located in Inglewood and will include the team’s business and basketball offices, training facility, community and retail spaces. The project is aiming for completion in the fall of 2024, following the end of the Clipper’ lease at the Staples Center.

The arena’s design will have a three-dimensional oval design that will feature an exterior of diamond-shaped metal panels that were inspired by the concept of a basketball swishing through a net. The panels will also provide solar benefit for maximum energy efficiency, as part of the facility’s LEED GOLD-certified design.

“My goal is simple. I want the Clippers to have the best home in all of sports. What that means to me is an unparalleled environment for players, for fans, for sponsors and for the community of Inglewood. Our goal is to build a facility that re-sets fans’ expectations while having a transformative impact on the city we will call home.” - Clippers Chairman Steve Ballmer

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2019 WNBA All-Star Game PE Kicks

The 2019 WNBA All-Star Game will take place this weekend in Las Vegas. For the All-Star game the Nike athletes will get special All-Star Game PE kicks that include special colorways. The silhouette the players will receive are the KD12, the KOBE AD, the KYRIE 5 and the LEBRON XV Lo and Hi. Each pair of kicks are a flood of florescent hues from red to pink to green in order to bring visibility to the game's participants. 

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Kyrie x Spongebob Kicks

Kyrie Irving has officially teamed up with Spongebob and his crew from Bikini Bottom to create these unique kicks. Each of the main characters from the show; SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Sandy will have their own version of the shoe created from their unique characteristics.

The SpongeBob version features a bright-yellow upper with a brown and red sole inspired by his everyday outfit. The Patrick version comes in with a pink coloring and a green sole to match his shorts. For the Squidward pair, his recognizable seafoam green coloring is the main focus. Mr. Krabs and Sandy styles are both on the low versions of the Kyrie shoe, and incorporate their signature colors and look into the design. Each pair of shoes features special insoles of the characters faces to take the detail one step further. We will see the Nike Kyrie x SpongeBob Collection release on August 10.

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New Oklahoma City Thunder Uniforms

The Oklahoma City Thunder has unveiled four new uniforms for the 2019-20 season uniform lineup.

The new looks include a new ‘City Edition’ designed in partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. This ‘City Edition’ uniform will honor the upcoming 25th anniversary of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The Thunder worked closely with the memorial to pay respect to the lives lost and all those that were impacted by the bombing. The uniform design for the special ‘City Edition’ uniform features symbols that represent elements of the memorial. Oklahoma City will appear across the chest in gold-lined letters, with the twin Gates of Time running down the sides of the jersey and into the shorts. We see the times 9:01 and 9:03 located in the vents of the shorts, to reflect the innocence of the city at 9:01 before the attack, followed by the time the city began to come together and heal at 9:03. On the sides of the shorts we see white meant to represent the Reflecting Pool. Above the jersey’s tag will be the words “Service,” “Honor” and “Kindness” as reference of the Oklahoma Standard, and the manner in which Oklahoma citizens treat one another and their community. On the belt of the shorts is the Survivor Tree, a 90-year-old American elm at the site of the memorial. The words, “We Remember Those Who Were Changed Forever, April 19, 1995” are located along the back of the neckline.

“We are excited about taking our partnership with the Thunder to a whole new level. As the 25th Anniversary of the bombing draws near, having Oklahoma City’s team wear this inspirational uniform continues to honor and remember the 168 people who were killed and all those who were changed forever.” -Kim Neese, survivor and chair, Memorial Conscience Committee

OKC’s new ‘Association’ uniform will have “Oklahoma City” across the chest in sunset and Thunder blue, with the state outline of Oklahoma on the shorts belt area. The team’s Blue ‘Icon’ uni will feature “Thunder” across the chest in their sunset coloring and have matching arm and neck accents. The 2019-20 ‘Statement Edition’ uniform brings back a fan favorite color scheme, with the bold sunset design that features the staggered “OKC” in Thunder blue across the chest and gradient tonal sound waves down the back. 

“Refreshing our uniform lineup allows us to put a new twist on the classic Thunder image. These updates keep us true to our roots, but allow us to modernize and embolden the Thunder Basketball uniform portfolio as we continue to evolve our brand to proudly reflect our state and city.” -Thunder Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brian Byrnes

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New Wisconsin Basketball Uniform

Wisconsin has released our first look at the new badger basketball uniform. The white base uniform will feature red trim, letters, and numbers. We see two red horizontal stripes wrapping around each leg on the shorts. The final change comes on the backs of the jerseys where the players name has been returned above the number.

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